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Small Business Accounts Software Review: Kashflow

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Input anywhere?

By: C0ldf1re on 13 Mar 2010

Did you really say: 
"I want to be able to access from anywhere easily and quickly so that I can input transactions on the fly." 
We are talking about accounts, aren't we? And the "on-the-fly" people are salespeople, aren't they? 
And do they want anything to do with accounts? (No!)


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By: Brock Donald on 29 Apr 2010

Funny you say that C0ldf1re. Yes accounts do want to access their accounts anywhere, anytime.. Get with the program. The days of having to be in your office to run you business is over. What happens if you are on holiday, and the laptop dies.. Does your business too.. No, you can access your accounting application, CRM, Job management system, ERP, email from your local internet café… (securely).. 
Do you also think, that accounts don’t need mobile phone too.. 
BTW, nice review on Kashflow is an awesome product.. I know because we integrate with it @  


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Not for sales teams

By: Ian on 14 Mar 2010

You've missed the point of Kashflow - it's an accounts system for small businesses. As I point out there is only one user account so it would not be appropriate for use by sales teams. When I say input on the fly I am really referring to users in similar to my own situation where if I make a purchase or complete a job I want to do the record keeping there and then, because if you leave it 'till later it probably won't get done.


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